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15 Maroon Red Hair Color Inspiration, Dare to Try?

Remember Black Widow? In the first Avengers film, this one superhero comes with beautiful auburn and maroon hair colors and the whole world is in an uproar. You could say at that time the maroon red hair color again glanced by some women.

Color maroon is dark red color blend with Undertone blue or purple soft. This color has a thick color pigment and tends to fade after 24 times shampooing. This color is quite durable when compared to pastel hair which usually fades after 10 shampooing.

Incidentally, maroon hair color is suitable for you who are just starting to try to play colors, because the color is easy to get into the hair without the need for bleaching that is too bright. The color pigment can enter black hair or level 2 ( medium brown ). The end result depends on the red hair color that you want to create.

Well, approaching the Chinese New Year, the color red and its variations, including maroon, you must have been plastered everywhere. According to belief, the red color indeed symbolizes luck. Hmm, maybe if you want to increase your fortune this year, you can try coloring your hair red. However, if you don’t dare to openly try this color, you can try maroon red !

Does maroon hair color suit you? How do you try and make variations so that it can flatter your skin? If you are curious about the answer, keep listening to this article!

True Maroon


True Maroon

True maroon hair color is dark red that has a purplish feel. But this color is not purple huh! If illuminated by the sun you will see a bright red stroke.

Maroon color with a fairly cool vibe, generally suits you who have a cold skin undertone.


maroon deep red hair color

This color turned out to be quite popular. Maybe because the color is quite natural and can get into dark hair without having bleaching.


maroon red hair color with a touch of auburn  

There are many shades of red and brown that are rich in maroon. One close relative of the maroon is burgundy and auburn, as in this inspiration.

Maroon Tanned

In general, maybe the maroon red color is more suitable for cold undertones. But there are tricks to make this color look warmer.

Combine maroon hair color with a tinge of honey brown color. You can try it by coloring your hair into medium brown if your real hair color is black. Or, you can also get medium brown color with hair bleaching on level 1.


maroon ponytail style hair color  

Have dark brown hair? Give maroon color to your hair. The mixture will give a beautiful reddish brown hue .

Even though it is invisible because of its dark color, hair will still suffer damage if you do not treat it properly. You can really keep the color while moisturizing the hair shaft.


maroon valerie red hair color azlynn

If you start black hair without bleaching, you can too! With the coloring process several times, you will get a beautiful blend of maroon and burgundy.

burgundy hair straight

Maroon Hair Color with Highlight

Like other fairly dark hair colors, maroon can look dull and not shiny. To make it look healthy and shiny, you need a highlighting trick.

Deep red with orange highlights

The choice is yours! If you want to bring red to orange, you can try dominating red and orange highlights.

hint of burgundy hair long strawberry

Mixing colors is fine! Take a look at this blend of pink orange with maroon.

Red mixture as ombre highlight

If you want the red color to stand out, combine the two reds in your hair. Make the base maroon dark and the omelette bright red like this.

Deep Red

In addition to maroon colors that are bright and have shades of orange, you can also try a dark maroon hair color.

Red color with a cold undertone

The darker the maroon color , the more this color has a bluish hue that is suitable for cold skin undertones.

burgundy hair asymmetrical bob deep wine

Keep the hair roots dark for a smooth gradation.

vibrant burgundy hair maroon in caucasian women  

Long hair can also try a glamorous maroon like this!

Deep Wine

The darkest maroon color is often referred to as burgundy or deep wine because it has beautiful blue and purple strokes.

maroon deep burgundy hair color  

This color is suitable for olive skin that has a cold undertone . Because of striking colors, you are obliged to wear lipstick with color bold to balance it.

maroon deep red hair color

Deep burgundy can be an option for those of you who are no longer young. This color is suitable if the brown color has started to bore you. This color is reminiscent of the color of grapes and tends to be more adaptable in all skin tones.

Red with a dark purple tint

Basically, no special preparation is needed to produce maroon red hair color. Most importantly, make sure your hair is in good health before coloring it to avoid long-term damage.

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