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The Difference Between Hair Toning and Hair Color Paint

Many say, hair toning is much healthier and safer for hair than ordinary paint. Is that right? Men and women dyed their hair thousands of years ago. However, modern hair dye was only introduced by Eugene Shuller in 1909.

hair toning

Many people dye their hair for the sake of covering gray hair and other professional reasons. But over time, hair dye has become a trend and part of culture.

Now, the majority of people dye their hair to boost self-confidence. Some women even claim to change their hair color hobby to feel more beautiful, vibrant and born again every day. Are you one of them?

There are many hair coloring techniques that develop in the beauty industry. The two most popular are toning and hair dye. At first glance, hair toning and dye do look similar. However, these two hair coloring techniques have fundamental differences that are important for you to know.

So as not to confuse the difference, we summarizes a series of differences in toning and hair dye specifically for you. Let’s see:


Toning is the process of coloring hair using toner , aka natural dyes without ammonia content. This technique is recommended by hair experts because it is safe and will not damage the hair.

The main function of toning is to change the natural pigment of the hair by coating the outside, without touching the cuticles to keep hair soft. Although guaranteed safe, in fact toning still has a series of pros & cons you need to know. Anything?


  • Gives shine and strengthens the original color of the hair. Toning works by coating the surface of the hair. Its natural luster makes hair look healthier and radiant.
  • Safe for hair. There are fewer chemicals in the toner, so it is safe for hair. Guaranteed not to make damaged and dry hair.
  • The color looks more natural and soft. Because toning does not touch the hair cuticle area, the resulting color is more light alias natural.
  • Not through the bleaching process. This coloring technique will not make hair dry or split ends.
    Effective for covering gray hair. Toning is suitable for older people, smokers, patients with certain diseases, or people with genetic congenital that cause gray hair since young. If done properly, toning can make hair appear thicker, you know.


  • Color choices are limited. Toning is only available in a number of natural color choices. You will not be able to get striking colors like pink or ash gray.
  • Tend to fade easily. Usually the results of toning only last a maximum of three months.
  • Toning is more suitable for colored hair. Toning results last longer for colored hair. Whereas in virgin hair , hair toning results only last around four to six weeks.

You can help maintain this toning result with the help of products that have extra moisturizing properties, such as TRESemme Color Radiance & Repair for Colored Hair Shampoo. This shampoo is enriched with Color Radiance Booster which can provide protection against damage and help maintain hair color that is shiny and more durable.

So that the results of your hair more leverage, use side by side with TRESemme Color Radiance & Repair for Colored Hair Conditioner. Its moisturizing content can coat the hair so that the hair color is well maintained and does not fade easily.


The coloring process using hair dye is the easiest and most popular method in the world. Hair dye contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which functions to brighten or darken the natural pigment of hair.


  • Thousands of color choices. Unlike the limited toning color choices, you can get any color using hair dye. Starting from red, brown, gray, blue, green, even though jet black.
  • Durable. Cat has a far better durability than toning. Basic colors like brunette or blonde can last forever, as long as they are cared for and well nourished.


  • Need extra care. Hair coloring can cause dry hair, easy branching, and breakage, especially if you go through the bleaching process first. To keep hair healthy and shiny, you can wash it with shampoo specifically bleached hair.
  • Chemical content is quite high.Paints contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which change pigments while making hair feel drier. In addition, you are also advised to do an allergy test before dyeing your hair. Because not a few people who are allergic to the para-phenylenediamine (PPD) chemicals found in hair dye.

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