conditioner for dry hair

Tips for Choosing Conditioners for Dry Hair

Basically, the function of conditioner is to moisturize hair. Each strand of hair has a protective layer called cuticles and if the cuticles are damaged, the protein in the hair shaft becomes exposed and the hair becomes easily broken, split, and even change color. Severe cuticle damage is caused by many external factors.


conditioner for dry hair

Well, what’s the solution? The solution is good care. The benefits of using shampoos and conditioners side by side have been proven not to be just nonsense. Shampoo works to clean excess oil and dirt on the scalp and hair strands, while the conditioner works to treat hair cuticles to remain strong.

How to use the right conditioner ? Wash hair with shampoo at least once every 2 days, then use conditioner afterwards.

How to use the correct conditioner is starting from the middle to the ends of the hair. Avoid the scalp area because it will accumulate if it is not cleaned properly. You should only use it on the hair shaft only, no need to reach the scalp.

Choose a conditioner that suits your hair needs. Indeed, conditioner is created to moisturize hair. But that does not mean oily and straight hair does not need moisture. Determine the conditioner that suits your hair problem or weakness.

1. Conditioner for dull and unruly hair

Dull and unruly hair can be experienced by everyone, even those with straight hair . For dry and dull hair problems , you can try a conditioner that has the function of helping to soften and give a luster effect.

For this hair problem, we advise you to use Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Conditioner to keep your hair moisturized to look healthy, and always be smooth and soft.

Conditioner contains five natural oils that can help hair feel smoother. Use regularly after shampooing with Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Shampoo!

2. Conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

If your hair is dry due to the use of a hot styling tool, hair coloring, or sunlight, you must use a conditioner that can treat damaged hair. Cuticles on damaged hair need formulations with extra moisture, so they can be completely covered and moisturized.

For dry and damaged hair, we recommend the Dove Total Damage Treatment Conditioner to nourish hair and repair damage so the hair looks healthy and strong. Its Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives help repair damaged hair.

This conditioner makes your hair easy to comb and does not tangle easily. You can feel smoother hair with regular use together with Dove Total Damage Treatment Shampoo .

3. Conditioner for dry and fluffy hair.

If your goal is to have fine hair like getting home from a salon, then your choice will fall on the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner.

This conditioner is formulated to moisturize and nourish hair with keratin content in it. Its effective keratin formula provides additional nutrition to the hair, while making it easier to manage.

After knowing the conditioner for dry hair and friends, then you need to be disciplined to always use conditioner after shampooing with shampoo. Even just by making these small habits change, the benefits are enormous.

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